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A plea for quality – a chance for the Web?

October 15, 2008 By: Marion Fuglewicz-Bren (published on Category: Internet & Media, Semantics & Philosophy

When I read in the news that one of the most influential contemporary literary critics of German literature, Marcel Reich-Ranicki, had just refused a German TV-Award – on stage, as part of his acceptance speech – I was somewhat amazed. I’ve always enjoyed his salty sarcastic remarks in the literary talk show (Literarisches Quartett) which Reich-Ranicki had hosted from 1988 to 2002.

Only when I clicked through to the Youtube-Video I got a clue of what had really happened. The 88-year old connoisseur of qualities – in all philosophical characteristics – didn’t want to find himself in a setting of poor quality, such as the TV/stage program he had witnessed that evening. Applaudable and worth admiring I may say.

And this led me to the perception that – from a media viewpoint – the internet has a viable, if yet hardly exploited chance of putting „old media“ into perspective: Apart from all the other perspectives opening up at the moment, the web, as a pull medium where the user is in charge, is really offering new media aspects. And then a saying came to my mind that I was told many years ago by a charismatic IBM-Manager and that impressed my constructivist heart: “Wanderer, there is no road. The road is made by walking.“ Being part of (or at least tagging along with;-) a pace making community such as the Semantic Web community is a nice feeling.

Author: Marion Fugléwicz-Bren

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Culture is interactivity

March 28, 2008 By: Marion Fuglewicz-Bren (published on

Category: Culture

Why don’t we think of coalition negotiations in a new dress: Maybe these are the topics we should rather discuss in our governments – all throughout Europe… The Brazilian government has expressed its support of free culture, free software, creative commons licenses. I would wish that more countries had the advantage of having a Minister of Culture who is not only a fabulous musician but also a person who fights for Digital Rights and a free digital society.

Who would believe hacker culture to be a role model? How about establishing a Hackers Republic? Might this be an alternative? Let’s have a look… “Today’s digital technologies represent a fantastic opportunity for democratizing access to knowledge,” says Gil. The free culture advocate and Brazilian Minister Gilberto Gil continues that … „…digital technology offers a rare opportunity to bring knowledge to under-privileged people around the world and to include them in the political process.“

And what about culture? Isn’t it also about interactivity? Gil: „The creation and distribution of content, artistic or scientific, have always been based on interactivity. Culture is interactivity and in the context of the new technological convergence we may guarantee the balance between all the different interests at stake, the individual, the social, the corporate, and so on. Exemptions will be always necessary to be considered and regulatory bodies will exactly play the role of establishing sets of rules for all the players involved.“

Da capo, Mister Gil. And, by the way, isn’t it high time for all of us to learn Jazz Samba? Asks Marion, listening to Samba (see below) writing this.

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